We are Oaktopia

We are a Community. Musicians. Friends. Students. Artists. Creators. We are passionate about the preservation of the culture and identity of our Denton home. We are constantly seeking ways to improve and grow. We are excited by hard work, great people, and above all, incredible music. We are brought together for a need greater than ourselves, a need to celebrate our fellow man. We are going to give you not just a music festival, but an experience like nothing you have ever known.

Deemed by the Dallas Observer as the best festival of 2015, Oaktopia explores the nature of our city through art, music and culture. As we head into our fourth year, Oaktopia will be hosting an eclectic bounty of events during the festival that exude the enthralling and vibrant culture of Denton.

So where does this amazing event take place? Oaktopia 2016 will be held at multiple venues surrounding the Courthouse of Downtown Denton, with main stage acts performing in the Travelstead backyard. The dates of the festival will be Thursday, Sept. 22, through Saturday, Sept. 24.

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